Despite being an atypical year that isolated almost everyone, international business is still active. Elisur Organic is actively participating in one of the most important fresh food fairs in the world, through the Platform created by the organization of the fair called «Fruit Attraction Live Connect», exposing our commercial catalog, holding meetings and answering questions from potential clients of all the world.

The situation created by Covid-19 has made this event, one of the most important for the fresh fruit sector on the planet, to become ‘virtual’, with its own platform that is allowing companies from all over the world to enter in contact with each other and present their products and news.

Thanks to the active support of the German IPD (Import Promotion Desk), our company managed to be part of this important international event, managing to establish in 2 weeks more than 30 potential online meetings with clients from all over Europe.

During the month of October, our company also participated in the Superfoods Europe Business Roundtable and the Expo Alimentaria Fair, both events also held virtually, generating more than 20 meetings with potential fresh food customers.

As Elisur Organic we are always present in the world, making our product quality and our good productive and sustainability practices known, with which day by day we achieve the satisfaction of our clients and obtain the best product.

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