This article is an approach to the reality and the daily life of the farmers, their work, their experiences in the field, and how this product impacted their lives, these videos are a fresh and sincere conversation of those people who are often behind the scenes, but whose activity is the beginning and pillar of this whole operation. With love and appreciation to all those farmers who sow life.
The company Elisur Organic SAC, represents a group of farmers who decided to organize themselves to produce Ginger and Turmeric, but in a sustainable way, in other words, seeking the protection of nature, the development of people and the economic growth of the people involved in this activity.
The objective of this work is to be able to supply international markets that like to acquire organic products, of quality and with certifications of endorsement. At the moment we are already supplying the markets of Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, United States, Canada and United Kingdom.
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