Sustainability is the union of the efforts that Elisur Organic has been making during these years to sustain its economic activity, considering social and environmental factors, and making its management a responsible action with resources, taking into consideration our strategic allies in our chain productive.

Pillars in our sustainability

People development

We trust in the talent of people, for this reason we invest in trained collaborators and specialists, health insurance, promotion of professional development, we do not mind giving up a profit margin because we know that we are forming a base.

Nature Protection

Our production is based on organic agriculture, adequate use of resources, soil recovery and conservation of green areas, we currently have 60 farmers with certified fields, to access the US, Europe and Canada.

Economic growth

When we entered the international market, the need arose to hire a greater number of people, which helped to improve the economy of many families, quality of life and also the indirect work that contributed to the continuity of the economy of our city.

Projects we have been working on


in the countryside


in the countryside

Activities of

Health prevention

Activities of

Health prevention

Field school

First School of Ginger and Turmeric Farmers of Peru, created by Elisur Organic, whose name comes from the Ashaninka language (native language of Peru), which means “mother earth”. This school aims to facilitate and generate greater knowledge to ginger and turmeric farmers through practical teachings on the farmers' farms.

Topics covered in the Field Schools

Interpretation of soil tests

Control of pests and diseases

Fertilization and manuring in ginger cultivation

Biol, Compost and soil conservation

Health Prevention

Vaccines have been one of the tools of medicine that has saved the most lives throughout history. The objective of vaccines against SARS CoV-2 is to generate an immune response that produces antibodies capable of neutralizing the virus, as well as to generate a memory response in cellular immunity, that is, that the immune system recognizes the virus in the case exposure to it and a rapid response is generated to prevent the virus from invading and causing disease.