How to guarantee our current needs, without compromising the future of our communities? This is a question that is often difficult to answer, especially in business. In 1987, the UN determined the importance and interaction of 3 essential pillars: "the protection of nature, and the development of people and economic growth", ... Continue reading HACIENDO UN NEGOCIO SOSTENIBLE

Promperu VIDEO Awarded as the most outstanding company in the macro region of central - Peru

WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE AWARD CEREMONY In recognition of our efforts to guarantee the continuity of export operations, the safety of our collaborators, and our constant participation in management programs in PROMPERU's Export Route, we have been awarded the prize as the main export company of the CENTRAL MACRO REGION, PERU 2020. Standing out… Continue reading Promperu VIDEO Awarded as the most outstanding company in the macro region of central – Peru

Participation in International Fairs

One of the most direct ways to establish direct contact and communication with potential customers is in international fairs, trade missions or business rounds, this because they are ideal occasions that bring together buyers and sellers, in the same place and in a given period of time , and for Elisur Organic is important to meet ... Continue reading Participation in International Fairs

A company of farmers for the world, Elisur Organic SAC - VIDEO

This article is an approach to the reality and daily life of farmers, their work, their experiences in the field, and how this product impacted their lives, these videos are a fresh and sincere conversation of those people who are often behind scene. , but whose activity is the beginning and ... Continue reading Una empresa de agricultores para el mundo, Elisur Organic SAC – VIDEO

One year later, Elisur Organic SAC is still active in business fairs and congresses.

Despite being an atypical year that isolated almost everyone, the international business is still active. Elisur Organic is actively participating in one of the most important fresh food fairs in the world, through the Platform created by the organization of the fair called "Fruit Attraction Live Connect", exhibiting our catalog ... Continue reading Un año después, Elisur Organic SAC sigue activo en ferias y congresos empresariales.

Women play an important role in Elisur Organic

Ginger is a product that has helped a lot to improve the financial situation of several families in the central jungle of Peru, after the coffee growers of the region suffered great losses. “It was an alternative for the central jungle, since coffee production was hit by pests in 2013 and 2014. No… Continue reading Las mujeres juegan un papel importante en Elisur Organic